// Great success for our engineering infrastructure team in Germany

Just as with all the other tenders for the electro-technical systems on the high-speed rail corridor from Munich to Berlin, Rhomberg Bahntechnik has recently won the latest tranche. Three new contracts for a 107 kilometre part section of the upgraded and new line through Nuremberg, Erfurt, Leipzig and Halle are the reward.

The subsidiary of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group is responsible for the 50 Hz electro-technical equipment on the North, Central and South contracts on the German Unity Transport Project Number 8.1 (VDE 8.1). "On the back of the successful commissioning of the Brenner approach line in Tyrol, we are now proud to be given the opportunity to have our engineering infrastructure teams working for DB," says a delighted Dirk Diederich.

The main works take place from May 2014 to September 2015. The North, Central and South contracts of VDE 8.1 New line Ebersfeld-Erfurt include a large part of the electro-technical infrastructure in the tunnel and open sections. In addition to the planning and design, various safety-related installations such as the emergency lighting, evacuation route signage, including the energy supply, are to be completed in the many tunnels (a total of approx. 40 kilometres of main tunnel) as well as in the rescue tunnels and chambers. Concrete switch houses, including low-voltage and medium-voltage switching systems, are to be built outside the rescue areas and portals. Further work outside the tunnels includes the installation of switch heaters.

Completion of all the projects will reduce the journey time from today's almost six hours to about four. "The greatest challenges on this project are the tight programme and the logistics of the site, which is over 107 km long," says Andreas Förster.



  • Contract value: about EUR 19.2 million
  • Concrete switch houses including switching systems: 58
  • Emergency lighting power supply units: approx. 3,600
  • Light fittings: approx. 6,980.
  • Cable: approx. 440,000 m
  • Switch heaters 68