Competence: KEY to Reliability.



//Commuter railway lines in urban situations present a special challenge. Thanks to our experience we provide solutions that are fast, on time and of top quality.

Whether the project involves the railway, underground or tramways,in built-up areas or deep underground beneath buildings andstreets – Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group has the experts for dealingwith all types of construction and alteration projects, includingand especially those in topographically challenging situations.Our expertise covers both the technical and managerial aspects.We know that projects in confined situations, surrounded bybuildings and residents, require efficient work with the minimumof noise and vibrations. While efficiency and productivity are highon the agenda, the safety of residents, buildings, businesses andinfrastructure are equally important. Likewise it is essential toavoid, as much as possible, interruptions of existing lines, delaysor inconvenience to passengers in urban commuter transport.

Thanks to our competence we are experts in finding the right solution.For example, for the total renewal of switches and crossings,a field in which we are worldwide market leaders with innovativesystems for slab track construction and its transition to ballastedtrack sections. And, of course, we have the management expertiseto deal with 24-hour construction sites with security, access andcontrol systems.